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Four Seasons  A Woodland Fantasy
@Fragrancewings: Legends of the Forest

Scent Elements:
Seasons, forest, wood, leaves, earth, fire, ice, deer, elves


Four perfumes representing the seasons in the forest.  Bound into a fantastic, enchanting and mythical background.

Growing up in Bavaria in a middle age city, surrounded by woods, where fairytales were born, you listen from child on old legends and stories.  

You discover the forest, feeling a deep connection to its secrets, when playing or walking there. You smell the wood and all surrounding woodland aromas become familiar to you. You are aware about the magic, hidden between trees, earth and nature. 

These fragrances are a deeply artistic impression between reality and fantasy, between the wonder of nature from spring to winter and about mystical creatures who take up an essential part of these old woods, loaded with history and vibrating another inner world that can´t be touched so easily. But sometimes and for some moments there is something going on and like a door opening wide to another dimension you might meet incredible things. You take a deep breath, and if you believe the wonder is happening.

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