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Arts&Scents Extrait Scent birds fragrances lotus mood

An exceptional fragrance concept, luxurious and charming, offers extra high concentration
and better skin friendliness. Our Extraits combine a perfect balanced scent composition
(about 35 - 40 % fragrance share) with a sophisticated delicate oil in alcohol base.

Arts&Scents Exrait hands on perfume

Perfume to

You may order almost all Arts&scents fragrances as Extrait. Usually the different concentrations are found with the perfumes in the shopping cart. If this is not so, but you have a special fragrance request, please write us a message.

Arts&Scents Viper Skinning view plants fragrance

 Discover Viper Skinning            
 Fragrances Arts&Scents

A moment of new awakening, bold and brilliant. New chances, new outfit, new possibilities.          VIPER SKINNING enhances a seductive, lush ambered style, an innovative sparkling green surround and fruity innovative sparkling green background.

Receive the Best:

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Learn more about each Extrait,our Parfum Intense:

Are you are a nature loving scent bird?  You adore unique handcrafted fragrances and graphic bottles. Discover more about our art and nature inspired perfumes on our blog: Aroma in Love


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