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Love, fruits and great emotions 

- inspiring fragrances

Unexpected Love 

A brilliant rose diamond chord (strawberries, orange rue, roses) dipped in alluring amber notes.

Love Birds Parfum

30ml Eau de Parfum 45,00€

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A Day in Grasse rose paradise.jpg

Pure Romance 
A Day in Grasse 

Alluring roses, red clover and
a classy sunny cedar chord.

Like to bed in roses?

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Scented love acceleration!

(Date Drive)

Warm fruity woody scent concept with tangerine and an intriguing base note. 

Loveandkisses fly to me.jpg


What love can do, long-distance relationships and a seductive fragrance.

     Warm, precious, with ripe grapefruits, white lilies within a golden vanilla note. 


(The background image was taken at the Trick Eye Museum, Antara, Mexico City)

30ml Eau de Parfum 45,00€

Love is in the air

Sweet peony one view.jpg

Breakfast together?

Sweet Peony
Morning Dew

  ´´I am in love´´ 

Alluring fresh peonies,
early sun kissed morning dew drops

rosa Luftballons
Sweet Delight easy to fall in love.jpg

Sweet Delight 

Tempting, highlighting vanilla compound

In Love we walk through the Night


A Vampire´s Love

Night&Dawn love vampires  he_edited.jpg
Night&Dawn kiss me now her_edited.jpg

Between the dark after twilight and the bright dawn, opposing forces are bound together inextricably by this fragrance of love.  It is passionately dark yet full of tender light, unique and fascinating. A special love that effortlessly transcends all boundaries and makes the seemingly impossible possible.
Do vampires fall in love? If so, then this love smells like Night&Dawn.

The initial emotion is exciting: The tingling sensation of sparkling red wine being spilled on a body - intimacy.

30ml Eau de Parfum 45,00€

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