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What do our fragrances reveal?                                     

Enjoy every drop of life!                                    Do it always your way                                        If things turn tough find the light                    where ever it hides                                            Live true Perfume Love!



Arts&Scents, Fragrance Boutique

Parfum, lifestyle, Arts&Scents. Order beauty products, handmade with love in Germany.

The art of creation
is a symbiosis from scents, composition and environment.

Manuela Pfannes-Völkel
Perfumer, Arts&Scents



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We create our fragrances innovatively according to old perfume tradition, inspired by art and nature.
Relevant issues such as environmental protection, sustainable packaging and compatibility of ingredients are very important to us.
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We develop our own tinctures and fragrance bases.

Rare, natural materials, selected with high quality, create new and unique scent effects.


Our Eau de Parfum are produced with a high concentration, without any further addition of water or other additives.


Skinwater are based on an intensive Eau de Cologne formula. Slightly water-reinforced, they offer a refreshing fragrance pleasure. They also contain a light care combination for skin and hair.


Extraits have an increased concentration of fragrances, enriched with a nourishing oil in alcohol combination.

 without preservatives             without discoloration             without chemical additives 

We make every scent wish come true.
Special Editions and individual perfume creation.
Please contact us to schedule a consultation.
We look forward to every new aromatic challenge.
 The earth is our planet, we just have to share it.


A Crisp Yes To Colors!

Arts&Scents is colorful. We do love all the paints of life.

Maybe we dance somehow out of the line. Our perfumes are  colourful art pieces and so are the labels and packages.

Life today is shrill, loud, seems glossy, material and very freakish.

But there is another aspect and it is not golden neither black nor white.

It flows into our life with infinite various shades of colors, impressions and possibilities.

It is already true luxury to be able to perceive the magnificence of shapes and colors that nature and our surroundings hold ready for us.

Here you will find all the treasures that we were able to find and collect for you, packed in wonderful fragrances and fragrance products.

Everything from our absolute love for aromas, smells and their infinite combinations.


Artistic Advice: Barbra Engelhard.
Independent Artist and curator of the Blue Night Nuremberg.
Mrs. Engelhard is the sister of Manuela Pfannes-Völkel. 


Photography, Shootings: Michael Sanden

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