What do our fragrances reveal?
                                                                Enjoy every drop of life!
                                                                 Do it always your way
                                                        If things turn tough find the light
                                                                    whereever it hides

                                                                Live true perfumelove!




Was enthüllen unsere Düfte?
                                                             Genieße jeden Lebenstropfen!
                                                              Mach es immer auf deine Art
                                              Wenn die Dinge schwierig werden finde das Licht
                                                                 wo immer es sich versteckt

                                                                   Lebe echte Parfümliebe!

                                                                                BONNE CHANCE


True Perfume Love & The Scents Of Elements

Arts&Scents, a young german company creates perfumes of a special kind.

Our products, designs and fragrances are hand-crafted art pieces.


The Art Of Creation is a symbiosis of artistic elements, scents and environment. The earth is our planet, we just have to share it.

Particular for the fine perfumery, we want to set up new standards. Combining the claccical european perfum tradition with modern art and design elements. We care about relevant matters like protection of the environment, garbage disposal and special about ingredient tolerance.

We develop own tinctures; use rare natural materials and selected fragrance bases of high quality for our perfumes.

Emerging new and unique scent effects and bases.

Our perfumes are made with a very high concentration using no further water with the covered alcohol.

No artificial preservatives, no decoloration and no other chemical additives.

We do care much about skin tolerance.

Our Skinwater Aromas are a special intense Eau de Cologne formulas, lightly  water enhanced, fresh and just a cool skin fragrant pleasure.

The Extraits are our strongest Scent babes, high concentrated, absolute impressive Divas in a bottle.


Arts&Scents packages are designed and made by an artist.

We only use recycled paper and our bags are compostable.

We do a lot of hand crafting and special editions, all of them with a big artistic influence.

The body of our perfumes (bottles, labels and packages) reflect the art of creation flowing into different and unique products.

Chandler Burr (perfume critic New York Times, curator of the Modern Art Museum) gave a good critique to the Arts&Scents perfumes and creativity in 2012.

Virginia Bonofiglio (Fragrance Marketing Academic FIT - Fashion Institut of Technology, New York) the Mentor of

our perfumer Manuela Pfannes-Völkel supports our idea. 

We are part of the bavarian project Go International, supported by the Chamber of Commerce, the Foreign Trade Center Bavaria

and the European Union.

A Crisp Yes To Colors!

Arts&Scents is colorful. We do love all the paints of life.

We get out of the line. Our perfumes are  colourful art pieces and so are the labels and packages.

Life today is shrill, loud, seems glossy, material and very freakish.

But there is another aspect and it is not golden neither black nor white.

It flows into our life with infinite various shades of colors, impressions and possibilities.

It is already true luxury to be able to perceive the magnificence of shapes and colors that nature and our surroundings hold ready for us.

You can find all that involved in our unique scents and boxings.