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A fragrance collection that was created during the Corona Pandemic

It is important to believe in a future that can be shaped. During the pandemic, we all went through strange situations. Life literally changed overnight. We were restricted in our movements, our social life and we didn't know if it would ever be like it was before. It was a period of transformation that changed some of the rules.
Now it is essential to find valuable ways to sustain routines and keep up positive energy.

We already know fragrances support emotions. Use our perfumes to activate your senses. Motivate positive vibrations by smelling and enjoy the effect of feeling good and brighten up your spirits.




freisteller-clear-move together full.png



Move Senses:

#Senses was lunched in August 2020. In the midst of the first lockdown, we turned the possibility of an imaginary journey into a fragrance.

#Together followed in October 2021, a fragrance of good vibes and the value of friendship.

The fragrance of 2022 will be called #View and we are thrilled to see where it will take us.

sea boats a&s longrun.jpg

@Fragrancewings: Time of Transformation

Scent Elements:
Move, believe, imagination, skin, intimacy
positive thinking, emotion, friendship, energy

freisteller-clear-move together full.png
Together sea vibes a&s.jpg
freisteller-clear-move together full.png

#TOGETHER is a subtle charming Feel Good Fragrance, inspired by Friendship.
#Together we are stronger, and we have the key to search and hold contact all around the world, at any time.


collage to senses 2020.jpg

#SENSES, positive motivation. Smell the World in a new way, use your imagination. 

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