A Magic Cempasuchil Drizzle Eau de Parfum 30ml
  • A Magic Cempasuchil Drizzle Eau de Parfum 30ml

    Size and Concentration

    Not just for those magic days around Dia de los Muertos, live a high fragranced, unique and charmed Moment, whenever you want to!

    This Perfume is a hommage to all beloved humans and beings who pased away and a memory claimer to all who survived, and want to notice.

    Dead is a strange but not changable part of life. Those, who ever lost a beloved person, know what this realy means for the daily life of any surviver. 

    The big difference between El Dia de los Muertos and Halloween (in the modern interpretation) is that fact of joy and honer. No scaring ghosts but communication with lost to death and much missed people. Death as part of Life in a very human way, expressing we won´t forget you even you are not alive anymore.

    Oh sometimes , yes once a year it occurs to be that season.

    So, you may take a cup of coffee with your Grandmother who passed away two years ago, dance along with your 100 years old cousin or just reunite with much missed family members - Friends and take a walk through the park. 
    Let´s start the Party !!

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