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100% made in Germany.
We create our fragrances innovative according to old perfume tradition, inspired by art and nature.
Relevant issues such as environmental protection, sustainable packaging and compatibility of ingredients are very important to us.

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Our fragrances contain:
Tinctures and macerates of selected plant materials and resins, essential oils, natural extracts, absolutes, isolated molecules, safe synthetic molecules and safe fragance notes.  


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cruelty free product no animal testing
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Cruelty free
No parabens and phthalates
Ingredients without microplastics

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We use glass bottles
and for some products
100% recycled PET bottles
(Made in Austria)
Can be reused or recycled


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Paper boxes 

Made in Germany
100% recycled cardboard, therefore particularly environmentally friendly

Filling paper

Made in Germany
100% recycled paper, therefore particularly environmentally friendly

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Outer packaging

No plastic is just fantastic!
Made in Germany
We use a special paper for our outer packaging
Wet-strength, tear-resistant, grease proof

particularly environmentally friendly


Made in Germany
Our foil labels are CO2 neutral, just like our paper labels, which are environmentally friendly stickers made from 100% recycled paper


Blumen und Hand
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Perfumes, design and more details:

We develop our own tinctures and fragrance bases.
Rare, natural materials, selected with high quality, create new and unique scent effects.
Eau de Parfum are produced with a high fragrance concentration, without any further addition of water or other additives.
Skinwater are based on an intensive Eau de Cologne formula. Slightly water-reinforced, they offer a refreshing fragrance pleasure. They also contain a light care combination for skin and hair.
Extraits have an increased concentration of fragrances, enriched with a nourishing oil in alcohol combination.

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