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Wild Elves

Wild Elves on Fire - Eau De Parfum 30 ml

dark - earthy  heady  Be part of a fantastic Oud and Fire loaded autumn Scent adventure.



The autumn glow is kindled. The air still senses the sweetness of warm summer days. The fires of the fall celebrations are already burning, as the wood is captured by a thrilling turmoil. Roumors speak about a big happening, coming up soon, changing everything to a new dimension.  The elves are excited and join in search of what might be going on. Emotions flow, exploring moves on exiting level. Time is limited, because winter draws near. While the green of the leaves green change into fall colors, the forest winds spreed a spirited sensation: Wild Elves on Fire.
Moisty earth and aromatic wood smokey fire notes join up with an exiting radiant aspiration of alteration. Honey keeps the sweet summer memory, while saffron hints a darker touch. Oud envelops the fragrance with its special character, warm with a light sweetness that gently combines with balsamic woody notes.


The Collection:

A Woodland Fantasy, four enchanted seasons

Four fragrances are an artistic expression between reality and fantasy, between the wonders of nature from spring to winter. They tell of magical beings who inhabit a substantial part of these ancient forests. Whether you believe in fairy tales and legends or not, everyone can feel the magic of nature. An inner world vibrates in these old trees and landscapes, full of history, mysticism and stories.

Wild Elves

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  • Autumn Leaves and Forest Green (forest chord)

    Orange, Saffron with Blossom Honey, Soil

    Oud and Fire-Smoke


    We use natural Oud essence from Oman for this fragrance and a macerate of orange fruits and saffron strands from Spain. For the honey note, we use food-grade honey flavoring. the fragrance is vegan


What you want to know about our fragrances:

Perfumer: Manuela Pfannes Völkel
Design: Arts&Scents
Handmade with love in Germany

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