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Winter Dream Eau de Parfum

WINTER DREAM, a captivating Eau de Parfum, captures the essence of a winter wonderland. The fragrance features an enchanting blend of Ice Crystals Chord, which adds to its icy and refreshing aroma. Magical winter fruits, including sloe, rosehip, and soy cream, are combined with Conifer Cones, offering a creamy and fruity scent. White Woods and Vanilla notes provide a warm and comforting feeling, while the Spring Awakening (Spring Chord) adds a touch of freshness with a macerate of snowdrops and fresh spring greens. Plus, with the use of soy cream, it's completely vegan.


Fragrant winter story:

Snowflakes dance through the air, ice crystals bloom glittering everywhere. The forest hibernates and the new silence enchants with a fresh, crisp aroma. The Snow Queen appears, to do her job. She cleans the forest with charming hand. Her magic ensures that everything awakens again in spring and nature sprouts and blossoms healthily. Her cool beauty illuminates the forest. Her scent gently wanders from tree to tree like a delicate touch through heavenly feathers. Iced pine needles flow into the earthy depths of frozen woods and roots. A clear winter fragrance of feeling the closeness of spring awakening in luminous clarity with a feel good gentleness at once - subtle yet intense.

Winter Dream is the fragrant interpretation of Wintertime in our Woodland Fantasy Collection.

The Snow Queen appears in some ancient legends. Hans Christian Anderson named one of his fairy tales after her.
She is arguably a cool, fascinating personality and beautiful. Like all magical beings, she is unpredictable with human measures, sometimes good, sometimes less.
For us, as children, she was somehow always present when we played in the winter forest. We thought about what she actually looks like and what we would do if we ever would meet her. She has convinced us every year that she has done her job. Spring came at some point. And the Snow Queen, with all her wintry splendor, had disappeared.
This memory could not be missing in the collection of the enchanted seasons in the forest. And so, our winter dream fragrance is dedicated to her, the snow queen.


Winter Dream - Eau De Parfum 30 ml refillable


The Collection:

A Woodland Fantasy, four enchanted seasons

Four fragrances are an artistic expression between reality and fantasy, between the wonders of nature from spring to winter. They tell of magical beings who inhabit a substantial part of these ancient forests. Whether you believe in fairy tales and legends or not, everyone can feel the magic of nature. An inner world vibrates in these old trees and landscapes, full of history, mysticism and stories.

Winter Dream Eau de Parfum

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  • Ice Crystals and Snow Flakes Chord

    Magical Winter Fruits with cream  and  Conifer Cones  

    White Woods, Vanilla and the Touch of Spring Awakening (Spring Chord)

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