NY Steel Flowers - Eau De Parfum 30 ml

NY Steel Flowers - Eau De Parfum 30 ml

Size and Concentration

A fragrance that smells New York in steel stone and nature

  • Scent Story

    Our Parfum Homage to New York opens a scented view to this amazing city from metallic to green into sweet aspects. The modern city life, that includes it all, the pulse of rush, temper and glamorous screens, metal and stone but also the silence of green oasis spots offering soul food and mind spirit.

    As our beloved NY City, Steel Flowers smells not common, unique, unusual and very different.

    Did we say it in three ways: WE did, good because it still smells DIFFERENT

  • Scent Notes

    This  green fragrance hides sweet tulip and broom blossoms under sharp metal elements and a host of fresh leaves.

    Green Fig Tree Leaves, Silver - Metal Notes

    Yellow Tulips and Broom Blossoms, Blue Passionfruit Flowers

    Labdanum, Amber, Cedarwood

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