Cuero De Mexico - Eau De Parfum 30 ml
  • Cuero De Mexico - Eau De Parfum 30 ml



    Cuero De Mexico - Eau De Parfum 30 ml



    Mexico, emotion, temperament, wild romance and a Quantum of dangerous thirst for adventure.

    Comfort of an entirerly different sort with a timeless spirit that combines the raw elegance of saddle leather with the sweet temptation of ripe orange fruits.  Romantic freedom.

    In this unique fragrance combination you find sweet purple jacaranda blossoms melting with myrrh into an unusual leather base.

    An olfactory ride under orange trees, whose fragrance ascends bewitchingly into the nostrils with the warmth of golden rays of sunlight. It is followed by the captivating provocative tuberose and jacaranda blossoms. Graceful, secretive myrrh and fine leather nuances form a spirited and successful culmination of the perfume.

    Neroli greets the nostrils, brilliant as the new day, but soon we sense the saddle and a hint of the stable. It is so satisfying, immediate and true; there is no falsity in this fragrance. When Manuela says that it's classic, she's spot-on. Timeless, genderless, exquisite in the grand style. It is not Spanish leather, nor Russian leather, nor English leather, for that matter: informed by the vast landscape, it sings of a beloved space, a barely-tame beast and skilled horseman/woman. This is comfort of an entirely different sort, the sense of ease between horse and rider. I really love this one.

    Ida Meister/ Fragrantica            

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