Coco Tango
  • Coco Tango


    Join Paradise with us

    COCO TANGO sprays sun, fun and best time on your skin. 

    Size and Concentration
    • Scent Story

      While you cross the street, manage the traffic, run between work, grocery and daily stuff- through dates and obligations --- Your eye catches a beautiful high screen image of a lonely beach.

      During you keep running, your mind retains that fantastic seaside view. Coconuts, exotic moments, peaceful ambience and fly away day dreams surface your thinkings.

      If you just could be there now, or tomorrow - the next holidays seem so far away...

      Maybe you can´t do vacations now - But we have a fragrant solution. Ohhh Yeahhh, there is an Escape!!

      Use Coco Tango, spray it on, breathe deeply and relax.

      You will smell the Island, the beach, the sun.

    • Scent Notes

      Tangerine Ice Cream

      Orange Blossom and Coconut Milk

      Green Palm Leaves, a Light Sand -Musk Chord and Water Notes

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