Coco Tango - Eau De Parfum 30 ml

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  • Coco Tango - Eau De Parfum 30 ml

    Join Paradise with us

    COCO TANGO dances along in two caribbean style labels
    and sprays sun, fun and best time on your skin. Palm trees and stars or iland flair to your choice.

    While you cross the street, manage the traffic, run between work, grocery and daily stuff through dates and obligations your eye catches a beautiful  high screen image of a lonely beach. During you keep running, your mind retains that fantastic seaside view. Coconuts, exotic moments, peaceful ambience and fly away day dreams surface your thinkings. If you just could be there now, or tomorrow. The next holidays seem so far away.

    Maybe you can´t do holidays now, but we have the aromatic solution. Ohhh yeah, there is an escape.
    Relax, spray some Coco Tango around you and breathe deeply.
    You will smell the island, the beach, the sun.




    COCO TANGO tanzt in zwei neuen Outfits daher

    und sprüht Sonne, Spaß und beste Zeiten auf deine Haut

    Genieße mit uns das Paradis:

    Wenn du gerade keinen Urlaub machen kannst, haben wir hier einen tollen Vorschlag für dich!
    Entspanne, srühe etwas COCO TANGO um dich und atme tief ein.
    Du wirst die Insel riechen, den Strand, die Sonne.


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