Rauschgold Eau de Parfum 30ml

Rauschgold Eau de Parfum 30ml

  • Scent Story

    Rauschgold is our Fragrance Hommage to Nürnberg:
    A touch of Gold, Candied Orange Peel and a Gothic Angel Trompet
    A winter trip to Nürnberg is always worth to do. During Christmas time Nürnberg hosts Germany´s oldest Christmas market. The Gothic architecture creates magical Winter corners.You may try handmade hot drinks, sweets and more delicious food. It is also the native town of the Tinsel Angels, made of rush gold.
    When we say the angels are in town, they are, at this point we never would lie to you!

    Rauschgold is a Gourmand creamy, elegant Perfume Joy.

  • Scent Notes

    Rush Gold as a Gold Metalic Effekt and a light Angel wings Air Chord

    Angel Trompet in Gothic Surprise (a special created Note in full Bloom, medival Perfume Making Style), Red Carnation Blossoms and Candied Orange Peel

    Green Woods and Sweet Almond Tree



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