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Orange Planet

Orange Planet Space Essence - Eau De Parfum 30 ml

Galaxy Fantasy Fragrance

for space travelers, sky divers, cosmic cowboys, angels. devils and of course universe Divas.

We like fantastic elements. This time we have flown high in our minds, higher than the sky, straight into the universe.
Our space trip took us to an unknown planet.


Space Diary:
When we landed we found a pristine landscape in varying shades of orange. Gentle hills, orange-colored earth, in between small lakes in light turquoise. The water, crystal clear. Flora and fauna orange. All covered in glittering stardust. The atmosphere filled with the scent of spruce forests and a cocktail of freshly squeezed oranges.
Sequel follows.

Space speed is fascinating, the possibilities for new discoveries endless. What we haven't explored yet leaves room for the imagination.


For the creation of our Orange Planet fragrance, however, we used very earthly plants. A little stardust is included, of course, but we'll leave that to your fancy.

For the Space Orange Fruit Chord we use the real juice of freshly squeezed oranges with a natural orange extract (both from Mexico), a little bergamot (Citrus Begamia Peel Oil) and mojito mint leaves (Mentha species 'Nemorosa').

Orange Planet

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  • Orange outer space fruits, universe flowers and orange stardust

    Space Orange Fruit Chord

    Universe Chrysanthemum, Tagetes and Lily

    Orange Stardust Musk and Cosmic Spruce needles



    Weltall Orange Früchte Akkord

    Universum Chrysantheme, Tagetes, Lilie 

    Moschus Sternenstaub Orange und Fichtennadeln


What you want to know about our fragrances:

Perfumer: Manuela Pfannes Völkel
Design: Arts&Scents
Handmade with love in Germany

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Are our fragrances natural and clean?

For our fragrances we use tinctures and macerates from selected plant materials. These include resins, essential oils, natural extracts, absolutes, isolated molecules, safe synthetic molecules and safe synthetic fragrance notes.

We prefer to use natural raw materials. However, we want to use them when they meet our concept of ethical responsibility and ecological respect. Many of the natural ingredients are still difficult to source in a sustainable way. For this reason, we use synthetic ingredients when we consider them the right choice for the balance of a formula.


All INGREDIENTS: ALCOHOL, FRAGRANCE (PARFUM), AQUA (WATER), LIMONENE, BENZYL ALCOHOL, EUGENOL, COUMARIN, GERANIOL, CITRAL, CITRONELLOL, FARNESOL Please refer to the current list of ingredients on the respective product packaging, as changes might occur

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