High Inspiration - Eau De Parfum 30 ml

High Inspiration - Eau De Parfum 30 ml




  • Product information

    High Inspiration - Eau De Parfum 30 ml


    Für den 57. GRAMMY Award ®

    Jump into the flow of magical fragrance star sprinkles rising into the azure morning sky.

    HIGH INSPIRATION combines green, sweet and aromatic components in a new exiting way. This captivating fragrance holds inside the unique beauty of sunset, the special sensation of dawn in its most exceptional moments of inspiring nature performance. Unisex and full of enchanting actions.



  • Ingredients

    Aromatic Wild Herbs and Green Bamboo

    Lemon blossoms and Sambac Jasmine

    Natural Sweet Woodruff Chord, Iris Root and California Incense-Cedar



    Aromatische Wildkräuter und Grüner Bambus 

    Zitronenblüten und, Sambac Jasmin

     (natürlicher)  Waldmeister Akkord, Iriswurzel, Weihrauchzeder

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