Ambers Gold - Eau De Parfum 30 ml


  • Scent Story

    Ambers Gold - Eau De Parfum 30 ml

    A Travel Into the sunken realm of golden gods. 

    We went deeper into the jungle, after some stops, into the saddle again,on horse of horse, the heady wet forest climate, moscitos and some pain starting in the back we felt into a dreamlike body and soal state. But then suddenly the antique city appeared. We woke up in a flash, one of this moments, we never will forget. There it was, what we came for, and out of the smell of the jungle a long lost glory started glowing, sun drops illuminating ancient temples, holy stones under the leaves roof of endless green.

    Ambar is called In Chiapas, Mexico the amber available there. it was treasured by the Mayas for his fossilization and artworked to valuable jewelery. Even today, such an Ambar piece unfolds a golden shimmer on the skin, our inspiration for this special Chypre perfume


  • Scent Notes

    A Fresh Cocktail of Tangerine, Orange and very Green Lime

    Orange Blossoms, Golden Ylang-Ylang Jungle Flowers and Zinnias 

    a Gold Ancient Shimmering Ambar Chord,  Ambrette Seeds and Copal Resin