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Chocolate Bite

 Chocolate meets skin

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Are you are a nature loving scent bird?  You adore concentrated and unique scents.
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Are our fragrances natural and clean?

For our fragrances we use tinctures and macerates from selected plant materials. These include resins, essential oils, natural extracts, absolutes, isolated molecules, safe synthetic molecules and safe synthetic fragrance notes.

We prefer to use natural raw materials. However, we want to use them when they meet our concept of ethical responsibility and ecological respect. Many of the natural ingredients are still difficult to source in a sustainable way. For this reason, we use synthetic ingredients when we consider them the right choice for the balance of a formula.


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How to use:

Spray onto your skin, wrists, neck and pulse points, your body heat will gently diffuse the fragrance.

Do not rub as this may change the scent.

Do not spray colored perfumes on clothing

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