Zemone - Eau De Perfum 30 ml

Zemone - Eau De Perfum 30 ml

  • Scent Story

    Zemone - Eau De Parfum 30 ml


    A Green Tea and Elemi Balm based stunner!
    Reformulated, better than ever, clear and full of nature love


    As they walked through the wood and fields green was the color they breathed into their hearts. Light green, darker. innocent, bold and exiting. The wonder of nature full bloomed a boosting green prospect around them. Everything came to a clear idea, strong and future loaded. They took each other hands, smiled and in that stunning moment green became their color of happyness.


    ZEMONE is green, very green, somehow tart and very purposefull. Clarity, Creativity and Nature. An expressly for Zemone created Tee and Elemi balm note enshures a present obstinacy.


  • Scent Notes

    Green Limes and Green Tea

    Grasses, Columbine, Laurel, Christmas Rose

    Fern, Cedarwood, Juniper, Elemi Resin


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