Wild Cat Musk - Eau De Parfum 30 ml
  • Wild Cat Musk - Eau De Parfum 30 ml



    Wild Cat Musk - Eau De Parfum 30 ml

    Release the wild cat in you

    Jungle, green and impenetrable. Hidden in the dense wood creeps the black feral cat. Perfect beauty, bright eyes, white fangs and an intense musky scent accompany supple movement, muscle tension and impetuous passion.

    A hot-blooded perfume, ready to pounce with fiery red chili and jungle grass notes. In the flow of movement tropical hibiscus flowers unfurl, revealing secretively beguiling musk nuances. How elegantly the paw sets itself upon the ground: patchouli, jungle woods and earthy musk drops billow and already the fine cat's nose catches wind of a new trail.


    GORGEOUS! Reminds me of old school chypres: greenly floral, animalic, and fierce. Just my sort of fragrance. This is certainly one for the books. The sort of circumstance where I plead: “Never mind the notes. The notes will tell you Nada. But your nose will tell you plenty, and you will like it." Think Carven, Weil, Millot, Raphael, Le Galion. It's not as if Manuela collected vintage perfumes for naught, is it? She's learned a thing or two, and Wild Cat Musk is a glowing example. It's opulently curvaceous with a coiled-steel intensity. If you're concerned about it feeling "dated"—you'd be mistaken.  This sort of goodness never goes out of style. You can be elegant and feral in the same breath. Fortunate you, fortunate me.                                                             

    Ida Meister/ Fragrantica                      https://www.fragrantica.com/news/Scented-Snippets-Art-Scents-5165.html


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