Sweet Desire - Eau De Parfum 30 ml

Sweet Desire - Eau De Parfum 30 ml



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    It is so easy to fall in love with that vanilla teasing into pink Bonbon aroma

    Sweet Desire is a whole Sweet Seduction for body, skin and mind. You may imagine any sweet moment, just close before a kiss - that special kiss that will take all your senses away, or holding a bag of candy floss close before trying it - smelling and tasting the cloudy texture with your hands, or that very special moment when you smell that sweet bouquet of that one cupcake, your favourite- a pure sugar bomb but you just love it, or that memory - the secret one that keeps your memory in sweet desire..

    and we could go on endless...

    #Longing for the best  to appear


    I turned and saw such sweet aspect, 

    young elegant parfit 

    it was the princess of dreams 


    Perfume art   

    keep  beautiful scented  

    dance pink rosebud Style

    Sunset mood


  • Scent Notes

    Sweet and Fresh Peach and Raspberry in Coconut Cream

    Inoccent Violets, pink Roses,

    tonka, vanilla, sandalwood

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