Piratess Sea Song

Piratess Sea Song

Size and Concentration
  • Scent Story

    Female Pirate Ladies, some tales are always around.
    The Piratess, free, wild and with that hint of big adventure. A life, conspired to the sea.
    Their style...So-oh-en vogue and influancing trends again and again.

    The fragrance of the Queen of any of the 7 seas smells like the sea song she carries in her heart, blue ocean spume, a little danger and seductive savage elegance. 

  • Scent Notes

    A fresh Sailors Ocean Water Chord waves into Pink Island Dragon Fruit

    Vanilla Beans, Water Lilies and a bunch of tropical Jasmine Blossoms are the heart of this Aroma treasures secret 

    Salt Water washed Ambra, a hint of Green Patchouli and White Musk lead to the next Piratess adventure destination




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