Pan Tierra - Eau De Parfum 30 ml
  • Pan Tierra - Eau De Parfum 30 ml


    Esprit gourmand, a toothsome perfume delicacy. 

    Here is the earth of the god Pan. The sound of his flute is heard through the woodland, borne upon heavenly fragrance.

    Pan calls all creatures of the forest to a gourmand Fiesta gathering. Oh look, some Fairies are already arriving. The Nymphs are close, Maenads and Silenos are on the way.

    This fragrance tells of joyous celebrations accompanied by culinary treasures. First creamy delicate lime sorbet filling comes to the table. Then we indulge in the lure of finest chocolate and freshly roasted coffee beans in a fond of tonka and vanilla dreams. All this served up—the enticement of all the senses in a shell of dark brown caramelized sugar icing.

    In the hands of Manuela Pfannes-Völkel, Pan is Pâtisserie. He's a Burgundian all the way, with huge appetites for sweet [vs. savory]. Not that he's overly sweet—but we want to bite him, quite literally. Lindt Chocolatiers, take note: this would make a formidable truffle. After the intial burst of bright lime, a dulcet and nuzzly gourmand remains, with the faintly leather tone of tonka to modulate the pastry. This is a wonderful comfort scent.

    Ida Meister Fragrantica

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