Dream Of India - Eau De Parfum 30 ml

Dream Of India - Eau De Parfum 30 ml



  • Scent Story

    Dream Of India - Eau De Perfum 30 ml


    Dreamland of Spices

    #Travel #world #allaround #India #wanderlust

    India is one of our favourite places to stay and work.We do love the colours and the joy of living, the food and the sensuality all around. the amazing landscapces and historical architecture. All the great smelling plants that can be found and used for just incredible perfume creating.


    Feel an exotic dream, spiritual, gourmand at once sultry - oriental vibes.

    Sweet rose water and warm spices create a special dual effect.
    For this fragrance a unique heart base was created, which consists of black tea and selected Indian spices.


  • Scent Notes

    Rose water and Orange Fruits

    Composition Oriental Spices: Curry, Masala, Chai -Black Tea and Champaca Flowers

    Patchouli and Amber


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