Beach Flowers - Extrait 30 ml

Beach Flowers - Extrait 30 ml


Beach Flowers 2014 Extrait 30ml


Flirt with a holiday memory, sea, beach, love and friendship.

Our bestseller Beach Flowers 2014 as an seductive Extrait. A perfume for endless sun in heart and the thinking to a very special moment. Much stronger, just lovely and we promise not just a beach Diva but a skin company that makes every moment a very special one.


A Fragrance within a coconut infusued holiday reminder.
The blue sea, sun, a white beach, love and friendship.

Only some wiffs of BEACH FLOWERS 2014 bring back our best scented ever summer memory. it smells so pretty vintage to beach and sun, fun and long away. In mind a hippie dreamlike beach wedding. Friends together, beachtalks, fun day trips and night swim, hanging out together, exotic drinks under palmtrees, delicious desserts, flowers all around and unforgetable sunsets.


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