Skin Flatter Bodylotion

The perfect skin flatter 

Our unique vegan bodylotion will let your skin fall in love with its smoothy effect so easily. Made with lots of shea butter and a very special mexican organic cacao butter base, plantal glycerin (a hydratation booster), vitamins and  precious natural plant oils it causes a high impact pleasure every time it is used.

Highly scented, soft  and quickly absorbing it joins its best effects melting your skin into a velvet coat. 

Green Sea Coral Body Intense Aroma Skin Flatter Bodylotion 100ml


Our Hot Pansy is an all over Intense and  joyful Hair and Body Delight.

A Happy Maker when ever needed.

Sweet and innocent Pansies and Violets flow into that warm seductive Vanilla Woody Base. And a Latin Oranges - .Amygdala Top Note kisses your Moment and cause Smiling easy.

Just spray on your hair, Body or around You and ENJOY