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What love can do, long-distance relationships and an intriguing fragrance.

The background image was taken at the Trick Eye Museum, Antara, Mexico City

Scented Gifts
Romantic Giveaway 

Fragrances for spring time happiness
from exotic over classic to fantastic

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Mother's Day Surprise                                  inspired by impressionistic floral paintings and poetic images, Violets and apricot roses encircle a sparkling citrus accord.

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 Glitter Bottles 

 For the special romantic gift you might choose some extra glam with our Glitter Bottles  

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Your - So Happy  Set

Personalized perfume joy, a perfect way to give away a romantic message.

Pinke Blumen

Aroma Headlines in our MAGAZINE

We are working on a new fragrance collection, inspired by the color red, close to the stars above and modeled after the zodiac characters.

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This is how our fragrances are created

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