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The perfect skin flatter 

Our unique vegan bodylotion will let your skin fall in love with its smoothy effect so easily. Made with lots of shea butter and a very special mexican organic cacao butter base, plantal glycerin (a hydratation booster), vitamins and  precious natural plant oils it causes a high impact pleasure every time it is used.

Highly scented, soft  and quickly absorbing it joins its best effects melting your skin into a velvet coat. 

Skin Flatter Bodylotion

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Our Hot Pansy is an all over Intense and  joyful Hair and Body Delight.

A Happy Maker when ever needed.

Sweet and innocent Pansies and Violets flow into that warm seductive Vanilla Woody Base. And a Latin Oranges - .Amygdala Top Note kisses your Moment and cause Smiling easy.

Just spray on your hair, Body or around You and ENJOY

Barbara Engelhard
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Girl Hairflow melted with 
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